The MYiClubOnline Login self-service member portal enables clubs to enroll new members online and offers current members access to their account information. You can manage your classes, see appointments, manage your membership and review the history of your members online when using MYiClubOnline. Your members can also update and verify their account information online. From your club’s website or a dedicated website customized to your brand, MyiCLUBonline can be accessed seamlessly.


MYiClubOnline is available as a free Basic version and a robust Premium version for a small monthly fee. Unlike stand-alone scheduling software, is fully integrated with ABC Financial’s DataTrak Club Management Software, eliminating the need to repeat member information entry.

With MYiClubOnline Login  Premium, your prospects can register for free offers and information or enroll in your club instantly. The new member can review plan options, terms, and conditions before entering all personal information.

Get Assistance

Through our secure PCI-compliant system, new members can securely provide their credit card, debit card, and checking account details. If a member wants to receive his membership agreement by email, he can request to receive it along with a confirmation page and membership agreement. The process of online enrollment does not take more than five minutes. Please see below for step-by-step instructions on enrolling and logging in.

Rules For Registering With The Portal

Following are the simple steps to get started registering with MYiClubOnline:

Step 1: Access the MYiClubOnline Login Portal by visiting

Step 2: Click on the registration button below the login button.

Step 3: Enter your “Agreement Number” Click the link below the text box to get your “Agreement Number” by email from MYiClubOnline customer support.

Step 4: Follow the instructions to enter your first name, last name, and zip code.

Step 5: You’ve done it! Congratulations! You will be able to access the benefits of MYiClubOnline once you create an account.


Steps For logging Into MyIClubOnline

Step 1: Through the official link:, you can access the MYiClubOnline Login portal. This will take you to the MYiClubOnline registration page.

Step 2: Log in using your username and password that you created while creating your account.

Step 3: After successfully logging in to MYiClubOnline, you can access the forum.

Benefits Offered By

Logging into the official MYiClubOnline Login portal allows you to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Edit and update payment information
  • Update your contact information
  • View and print your subscription contract
  • View and print your billing and payment history
  • Add and update recurring services and amenities.
  • Get your seat reserved in the class of your choice by registering.


  • You can register and reserve your seat in the course of your choice.
  • It is possible to customize online enrollment pages according to your club’s branding so that you can directly link to your website and advertise your web address. You can promote the link to the Online Enrollment form that your members can now access if your club doesn’t have a website.

Online Prospect Signup & Enrollment

Through MYiCLUBonline Login  Premium, prospects can register for free offers and information or join your club instantly, at their convenience. In online enrollment, the member can review the plan options, terms, and conditions before filling out all personal and billing details.

By signing up for a secure, PCI-compliant account, members can safely provide their credit card, debit card, or checking account information. You can complete enrollment by printing a confirmation page and membership agreement or requesting that the contract be emailed to you.

The entire online enrollment process takes a little over five minutes. The process is so simple; you may even be able to have a computer at your club where new members can enroll themselves.

We can configure your Online Enrollment pages to match your club’s brand, so your club’s website can provide a direct link to enroll new members. Your club can provide a link to the Online Enrollment Form, which all members can access if you do not have a website.

Official Name MYiClubOnline
Country USA
Language English
Purpose Gym Management


You can update your members’ personal information like their mailing address, phone number, and email address for free by using MYiCLUBonline’s Basic version. In addition, members can review their billing history, check for past payments, pay, and schedule future payments.


You can enjoy all the features of the accessible version of MYiCLUBonline, plus much more. Your prospects can join your club online using MYiCLUBonline Premium, and your current members can log in to their accounts, manage their class schedule, view past check-ins and purchases, and print reports on their user activity. You can allow members to register for classes and schedule personal training appointments at multiple locations. They can even receive email and text message reminders to avoid missing anything—a great solution to the no-show problem.

Make MYiClubOnline Fit Your Clubs Brand

The Basic or Premium Version allows you to upload a logo and customize MYiCLUBonline to three colors. Your members will experience no interruptions between your home page and the features of MYiCLUBonline. It is still possible for your club to have a branded MYiCLUBonline page, even if your club does not have a website.

MYiClubOnline Mobile Application

A registration username and password are required to log onto the MYiClubOnline app, allowing members to access their membership privileges, club activities, and billing account information. Your account can be managed, appointments booked and canceled, customized training programs and lesson plans viewed, and you can use your smartphone to register.

  • You can make a payment.
  • Update your billing information
  • Register for a class, or set up a meeting with a trainer, depending on your schedule. Click the Event Navigation tab and tap the style you want to attend. Or tap at the time you want to find your trainer. It’s that simple, when you arrive at the club, scan the barcode on your phone screen, and you’re connected.


The appointment you created can be canceled by selecting it and tapping the “Cancel Event” button. All your membership with the organization will be canceled.

  • Access to account information, history, editing billing information, and payment procedures through account management.
  • Schedule appointments/register for classes:

Keep the mood going. You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to set up a personal training schedule or gain access to Zumba classes if you’re feeling guilty about your lunch or healthy dessert.

  • Service Purchases: You are just a few clicks away from making your first purchase, from ordering sessions to signing up for a course.

Cancellation Policy

The information required to terminate the membership agreement can be sent via the member portal, by post, or by registered mail.

  • Closed members between the current month and the next EFT:
  • Through the member portal link, you can unsubscribe by clicking Membership Information.
  • Click the Request a Cancellation link and complete the form to cancel your booking.
  • To request cancellation, you need to fill out and submit this form.
  • You will receive a confirmation email once your request has been successfully processed, provided we have your email address on file.
  • No transfer is allowed.
  • You can Call 1-888-827-9262 for assistance.

Due To Moving

  • The club’s premises must be within 25 miles of your new residence.
  • The evidence that you are moving must be sufficient.
  • Send ONE of the following to the following address:
  1. Lease agreement for the premises in the partner’s name, signed by the partner and the owner.
  2. Member’s first electricity connection or bill.
  3. An updated driver’s license with your new address.
  4. Copy of an international one-way ticket and a visa or green card copy.
  5. Send a copy of your paycheck with a letter from your new employer.
  6. PCS orders are not accepted (boot camp or basic training).
  7. Documents required for the purchase of a new home.
  8. A copy of the course schedule (must be on letterhead) and a copy of the tuition receipt must be provided by the student. If you are unable to submit any of the above, you may submit any of the following:
  9. A statement of your new checking account.
  10. Current credit card statements with your new address.
  11. Confirmation of change of postal address.
  • Your membership will terminate immediately upon receipt of sufficient evidence and written notice.
  • Once ABC Financial Services cancels membership, pro-rated refund information will be sent to the club.
  • Call 888-827-9262 for assistance

Due To Medical Condition

  • In the event of permanent or significant disability, termination may be possible.
  • Your doctor must certify that you have significant, permanent impairment.
  • It must be written on letterhead and signed by the doctor with a telephone number to be consulted and verified if necessary.
  • Payments will continue until there is proper documentation from your doctor.
  • Upon receipt of sufficient evidence and written notice, you will immediately lose your membership.
  • ABC Financial Services will send club members pro-rated refund information once membership is canceled.
  • No transfer is allowed.
  • 3/5/7 Day Cancellation: You must contact your club representative to cancel your membership.
  • Call 888-827-9262 for assistance.

Reset Password Guidelines

It’s very simple to reset your password if you don’t remember it. You’ll need to know your username to reset it. If you don’t know it, find it first. Below you’ll find steps to reset your password:

  • Click the Password link under the Sign In button.
  • Please enter your username.


  • Be sure to check the box next to I’m not a robot. Please select the appropriate images.
  • Simply click on Submit.
  • To find out what happened with your password reset, check your email.
  • To reset your password, click the Reset Password link in the email.
  • Please enter a new password.


Getting signed up for the MYiClubOnline Planet Fitness Login portal is worth it. It provides the best gym management solution as members can schedule their appointments easily and see all arrangements updates. Using the mobile app, you can update account information, view merchandise purchases, check your late payments, pay fees, track your billing history and track your purchases.MYiClubOnline Planet Fitness customer support can be reached at [email protected] if you need to request your membership agreement number. The front desk can also be reached at 715-343-0212 for immediate assistance.

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