Cancellation Policy

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Procedures For Cancelling MyiClubOnline Memberships 

In order to terminate a membership agreement, the necessary information can be sent via the member portal, by mail, or by registered mail.

  • Members are open from one month to the next.
  • The My Membership Information tab can be found on the member portal.
  • To cancel, click the Request a Cancellation link and fill out the form.
  • Requesting a cancellation requires you to fill out and submit the cancellation form.
  • Once your request has been successfully processed, They will send you a confirmation email.
  • The transfer of money is not permitted.
  • For assistance, you can call 1-888-827-9262.

Moving-related cancellation

  • The club’s premises must be within 25 miles of your new home.
  • If you are moving, there must be sufficient evidence.
  • You may send one of the following to the following address:
  1. Together, the partner and owner sign a new lease agreement in the partner’s name.
  2. Getting a new electric bill or connecting to electricity in the member’s name.
  3. Obtaining a new driver’s license showing your new address.
  4. Copy of the international one-way ticket and a green card or visa.
  5. You must provide a copy of your most recent paycheck and a letter from your new employer (both must be legible).
  6. PCS orders (no boot camp or basic training).
  7. Final documents for purchasing a new home.
  8. Students must submit a copy of the course schedule (on letterhead) as well as a copy of their tuition fee receipt. Alternatively, if you are unable to submit any of the above, you may submit any of the following:
  9. Check your account statement for the new address.
  10. A statement from your credit card with the new address on it.
  11. An updated address confirmation.
  12. Your membership will be terminated immediately upon receipt of sufficient evidence and written notice.
  13. ABC Financial Services will send pro-rated refund information to the club once its membership is canceled.
  14. Call 888-827-9262 for assistance.

Medical condition results in cancellation of a paid in full membership

  • An employee may be terminated if he or she suffers a permanent or significant disability.
  • You must have a doctor’s certification that you have a significant or permanent disability.
  • It should be written on hospital letterhead, signed by the doctor, and include a telephone number so it can be consulted and verified if necessary.
  • Your payments will continue until your physician submits appropriate documentation.
  • When sufficient evidence and written notice are received, your membership will be terminated immediately.