Mobile Application

Gym management software MYiClubOnline is a truly innovative program, providing gym owners with the best fitness management tools available. Your potential members can easily join the gym through this program. You can manage your membership classes comprehensively. 


Members can schedule appointments and stay up to date. In addition to updating your member details, you can view your purchase history, late payments, and billing history.

Mobile Application Of MYiClubOnline

A health club member can manage their membership privileges, club activities, and billing account by registering for a username and password with the MYiClubOnline App. Using their smartphones, members can book and cancel appointments, view personal training appointments, view class schedules, and check in to classes.

Your trainer’s schedule will always be available, and you will be able to book appointments at any time. The club’s information and resources are at your fingertips, and you no longer have to call. Next, click on the class you want to attend on the Events Navigation Tab. To arrange a meeting time, choose the time slot you prefer. It’s that easy. 

You are checked in when you scan the barcode with your phone when you enter the club. You can cancel an appointment by tapping on the appointment and selecting “Cancel Event.”. Keeping track of your scheduling and membership management is a snap with the app. Among the mobile app’s features are:

Schedule an appointment/sign up for a class

Take advantage of the mood while it lasts. When you feel guilty about a filling lunch or heavy dessert, don’t miss the opportunity to book a personal training session or register for a Zumba class. When you book your work when you get home, the mood will be gone.


Purchasing Service

If you would like to purchase sessions so you can attend a class or schedule a personal training session, you can do that online in just a few clicks. Once you have purchased sessions, you can book them immediately.


You can see your schedule at a glance. View your upcoming training sessions and classes on the training calendar.

Cancellation of an appointment

You’ll never have to worry about no-show fees again. Simply stop by when you no longer need to be there.


Checking in with your smartphone is easy because it shows your barcode and scans it.