MYiClubOnline is an innovative software solution that provides the best gym management solutions. With the help of this software, your club can attract potential clients quickly and easily.


The software provides a comprehensive management of current clientele. Users can easily access appointment details and set appointments. It is possible for you to see which classes your club offers before signing up if your club offers online scheduling.

Search the Schedule

Instructor names, class names, rooms, and start and end times can all be searched easily. The schedule can be searched by following these steps:

The schedule can be searched by following these steps:

  1. You can select a time period.
  2. Simply type in the information you are seeking in the Search field. The following are some examples.
  • Instructor name
  • Class name
  • Room name
  • A start or end time

During a search, the displayed information updates based on the input you provide.

View Schedule

The following information can be found on the Classes page:

  • You can see the class schedule.
  • One can search the Schedule.
  • The schedule can be printed.
  • See a trainer’s biography.

The schedule for each class can be viewed by day, week, or month. To view the class schedule:

  • By selecting Day, Week, or Month, you can change the time period displayed.
  • Open a calendar and select a specific day, week, or month by clicking on the date link.
  • If you click on the event title, you will find the event description.

Print the Schedule

Alternatively, a class schedule can be printed on your printer or saved as a PDF. Print the class schedule:

  1. The schedule will be displayed for the specified time period.
  2. Select Printer from the list of icons.
  3. A PDF can be saved or printed.

Trainer information: The class description displays the name of the instructor, trainer, or staff person associated with the activity. To view trainer information:

  1. You can view a brief biography of the trainer by clicking the trainer’s name.
  2. When finished, click Close